A 1000 Miles of Turpentine

by Methodist Bells

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released November 29, 2011



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Methodist Bells Syracuse, New York

pop rock garage slop glamorous country flop

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Track Name: Undercover
on my way to shoppingtown
I gotta stop and look around
check my phone

walk along the river side
I feel so cold and so alive
so alone

everyone with things to do
and me I got nothing to do
'cept hanging around

all the bright eyes on the street
and everyone I'll never meet
getting me down

is it getting to you?
well I would like to
is it getting to you?
well I would like to

ooo, undercover

all the cars are pulling out
I'm hoping that you'll stick around
hang on my door

a sinking in my feelings
telling me I got a feeling
that I think I'm at war

if everyone's a criminal
then darling wont you tell me how
you gonna plead?

up among the amplifiers
this is where I
let my heart bleed

would you sing this with me?
that's the way it should be
yeah sing it with me?
that's the way it should be

ooo, undercover

the three of us were sharing it
but I was only sharing it
with you

woke up in a muddle
gotta feeling like I'm
feeling blue

in the middle of a moment
lose my bearings because I'm
losing you

off to work I catch a flash
I catch a glimpse of girls
doing things you like to do

like laughing with friends
and tying up some loose ends
yeah go to the store
you always think we need more

ooo undercover
Track Name: Arbitrary Dice
Roll another pair
of Arbitrary Dice
We were always late
but getting there was nice
Track Name: Say Goodbye to Everything
come on down on silver trays
servers serve in endless ways
clear the stair and clear the days
we've got no plans, I know you like

adjust your 6 string razor blade
bring your disco plates
you Philly girls with your
old fashioned bodies
you like to dance on stage

see your friends across the bridge
heading for their homes
with their homemade reverb coils
and ribbon microphones

all the clouds have left the sky
all the birds have fled
set the plastic soul on fire
with rhythms in your head

but did you ever wonder
how it falls apart?
avert your eyes forever
it's only broken hearts

remember bub we had a band?
you dressed it up in dirty rags
a thousand miles of turpentine
carried me on down the line

and now you're riding border rails
listening to tapes
all your batteries have failed
but it still sounds great

you wrote a song
for me to sing
called say goodbye to everything
you wrote a song for me to sing
put it down and let it be
then tomorrow we will see
and say goodbye to everything